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GSVA Teen Journey, DreamWorlds


Class Overview
During this second part of our foundational series, GSVA students begin to focus on the many rich dimensions of their imaginations. They are encouraged to draw upon their daydreams and fantasies as subject matter in their now more abstract artworks. Students will work on developing their own artistic style and will look towards different art movements, such as Cubism and Surrealism, for inspiration. In addition to personal refinement, the group will work together on a collaborative piece that will become an installation in their exhibition in the Eddie Wolfe Gallery.

Educational Philosophy
Students examine a wide variety of works by artists known for similar imagination-based explorations. Students build on technical skills acquired in GSVA Journey, The Art of the Self Portrait, both refining their practices and learning to use new mediums. GSVA Journey, DreamWorlds encourages enhanced decision-making, which results in increasingly personalized works of art. Each student continues to develop curatorial understandings through the installation of the collaborative GSVA Journey, DreamWorlds piece within the Eddie Wolfe Gallery. After completing both GSVA Teen Journey, The Art of the Self-Portrait and GSVA Teen Journey, DreamWorlds,  each student is prepared to embark on a unique and personalized creative course of study in the GSVA Journey360°series.

Paul-smjenn-smClasses are taught by Paul Hamilton and Susanna Reeb. Click their images to learn more about their teaching philosophies.

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