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Skipping Rock Farm


The Granville Studio of Visual Arts is pleased to be in partnership with Skipping Rock Farm in Granville, Ohio where together we will host programs, workshops and events. The farm is an established arts community of sorts, the realized dream of it's creators Paul and Amy Hamilton. Now, Skipping Rock Farm will be an active satellite campus of GSVA.

Artists throughout history have always had a great tendency to form groups, societies, clubs, meeting at coffee houses, and so forth. The need to communicate ideas, share works, and commune with like-minds is a large part of the artist makeup. The concept of Paul and Amy Hamilton's Skipping Rock Farm follows this basic desire.

studiospringAbout Skipping Rock Farm
Located on six acres of farmland in Granville, Ohio, Skipping Rock Farm is a place where inspiration is the first meal of the day. An environment that encourages artists to relax, focus on creativity and get to know one another. Meals are enjoyed together, groups are small, and guests are welcome year-round. Paul's studio is a spacious facility for indoor classes while the surrounding landscape provides inspiration for outdoor classes. Amy's studio is an inspiring gem that will not disappoint.

Skipping Rock Farm offers a wide variety of classes, instruction, education, and all around artsy living! All ages can benefit from the surrounding environment and educational approach to being creative and living in an artful way. Artists are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of nature, explore personal growth, and relax.

Living The Dream
Today more that ever we look forward to the simple things in life. Simplicity frees us from the clamor of the world and encourages us to relax, enjoy, and let inspiration flow through us. Days spent making art by the ripple of the pond seems to be the ingredient of a dream. We can live the dream. A place where art instruction, contagious laughter, and making lasting friendships is the main objective of the day.

Programs & Events At Skipping Rock Farm
GSVA offers programs and workshops at Skipping Rock Farm. Check the current program schedules in SCHEDULES & REGISTRATION.

You can find additional information online at Skipping Rock Farm's website or follow the activities and happenings on the farm's Facebook page.


Skipping Rock Farm
2409 Loudon St
Granville, OH 43023





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