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World Hunger Visualized In Art

detailHow many seeds of grain does it take to feed the world? During the month of February, Co-Founder Kerry Dixon and Creative Director Paul Hamilton worked with Pam Snyder and her students at Fort Hayes High School to explore world hunger through art and science. Students worked on a collaborative conceptual art project inspired by the work of Agnes Denes and Alfredo Jarr. They superimposed a world map onto 400 4 inch x4 inch cubes, then filled each "geographic region" with seeds from the dietary grain staples of that region. Finally, they applied colored dots proportional to the actual number of people who would be fed by the seeds contained therein. Through their work, the kids laid bare the painful truth that some parts of the world have more food than they'd ever need while others have far less than they desperately need.

For the last 3 years, GSVA has partnered with OSU's School of Teaching and Learning and Columbus City Schools to collaboratively develop innovative curricular approaches to fusing the arts with science, math and world languages.

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