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From the Ground Up: A Collaborative Forest

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2012 Student Spring Exhibition

spring2012exh02Currently on view in GSVA’s Eddie Wolfe Gallery is a multi-media collaboration between two different GSVA classes. Students in our Pre-K Young Explorers and Youth Journey, DreamWorlds (ages 1st-6th grade) classes undertook separate journeys during the last nine weeks. Yet, their paths came together during the group installation process, allowing them to produce the work that is on view now.

Throughout those nine weeks, 12 Young Explorers examined the series theme, “From the Ground Up” in a literal, yet opened-ended, progression. Starting with the earth below our feet, students worked with terracotta clay then progressed to trees, plants, and flowers. They created experimental, temporary artworks in nature, then persevered them through photography produced with digital SLR cameras. Next they built and planted a garden on the GSVA grounds. Containing a variety of herbs and vegetables, the garden is presently growing strong! Through this imaginative exploration of nature, our students saw the connection between art and nature, expressing its significance using recycled materials to simultaneously help the earth and create beautiful artwork. The current installation represents several weeks worth of a collaborative effort in which the kids combined new and recycled materials to create a contemporary forest of sorts. Inspired by New Orleans artist Sally Heller, the students constructed trees, leaves and vines with materials such as plaster, construction fencing, drainage pipe, pipe cleaners, balls, various threads and yarns. They completed the work by shaping and hanging abstract forms from wire and pantyhose, then forming growing plants from reed and Styrofoam, and lastly, forging a path lined with plaster rocks and Mylar water forms.

While the Young Explorers were busy studying the Earth, the GSVA Youth Journey, DreamWorlds students were exploring a range of ideas through artistic movements such as Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. Using several different mediums such as printmaking (linoleum block printing and screen printing), painting, drawing, and mixed media, they developed techniques for expressing their unique, creative ideas. In the final weeks of their Journey, they joined their individual ideas together to produce an environment for our Young Explorers’ forest. The resulting large-scale, abstract paintings were created using house paint applied—through exaggerated body movements in the manner of artist Jackson Pollock—with squirt bottles and sticks. These beautiful backdrops of color and form serve as quiet testament to the vigorous energy with which they were created.

This show represents our first, full-scale collaborative installation between two separate classes. We invite you this summer to explore the whimsical expression of ideas encapsulated here in this artful installation. Please come on in to the GSVA Eddie Wolfe Gallery on Saturdays between noon and 4:00pm and let our young artists to take you to another world.

Show remains on view through August.

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