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eddie wolfe gallery

The Eddie Wolfe Gallery @ GSVA

The Eddie Wolfe Gallery hosts regularly scheduled exhibitions of student work.


Young Artist Exhibition Schedule

Currently on view
2013 Winter Session Artists Exhibition thru June 1, 2013

Next Scheduled Exhibition
2013 Spring Session Artists Exhibition & Celebration opening June 16, 2013  2pm-4pm



About Eddie Wolfe

elisa-paul-jennElisa Wolfe, Paul Hamilton and Jennifer Pentecost

Eddie Wolfe was born in 1950, before video games, the iPod and the Internet, so his creativity never left room for boredom. His curiosity made him come up with fun and inventive ways to express himself.

One day, while his father was shaving, Eddie kept watching the way the shaving cream came out of the can and became foamy. Later that day, Eddie took the can into another bathroom and tried to figure out how he could use it!  All of a sudden, he stepped into the bathtub and began squirting the foam onto the wall into the shape of a car. Soon, he decided that it needed some color, so he mixed up some very watery water color and took his brush and painted the foam with it!

He was so proud of his design, so he called his sister in to see his bathtastic masterpiece! Her reaction was laughter and amazement...

That was just the beginning of many art projects that came from his curious and creative mind, which could go from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions.


I wish my brother had been able to be in classes at GSVA so that he could have been inspired by Jen and Paul. Their ideas and projects would have inspired Eddie's abilities in ways he would have loved and enjoyed so much!

Everyone who is enrolled at GSVA is so lucky to have the atmosphere and artist teachers to bring out his and her talents. Enjoy yourselves and let your hearts and thoughts come through your projects and never stop finding ways to express your artistic abilities!

Elisa Wolfe
August, 2010

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