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Bringing breakthrough creative education experiences to Central Ohio through after school classes, in-school programs, and workshops for families and adults.

GSVA Program Offerings

GSVA Program Offerings

GSVA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization collaborating with top artists and designers in building minds and cultivating innovation by bringing breakthrough creative education experiences to Central Ohio.  All of GSVA’s programs build participants’ creative-thinking capacities through high quality visual arts learning. We serve students of all ages from preschoolers to senior citizens.

Our programming focuses on three main groups.

    For Student Of All Ages

    The Journey Program

    The Journey Program is a three part chronological series composed of GSVA Journey, The Art of the Self-Portrait, GSVA Journey, DreamWorlds and GSVA Journey360°.  From PreK to teens (with teen Credit Flex option), and now announcing Journey for adults, we offer after-school and weekend classes, in ten-week segments, with an end event of the students curating their own artists' exhibition.  Each ten-week series is a theme-based approach to building knowledge about and through the arts in a studio environment.

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    GSVA Media Studio: Photography and Filmmaking

    The GSVA Media Studio is an after-school, digital learning center in which teen students learn how to bring design thinking and visual storytelling to life.  Students bring their own ideas and posed problems to the table and GSVA helps guide their vision through photography and/or filmmaking. We provide the tools, technology and creative support to venture into the world of digital media.

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    Our workshops are aligned with our Journey Program, but offered in shorter segments with the intention to inspire and feed your creativity.  We offer workshops in mediums like photography, ceramics and painting.  Workshops are available for kids, adults and teacher professional development.

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    For Teachers & Administrators

    Educational Consulting & Partnerships

    Our Educational Consulting and Partnerships is an outreach program extended to teachers and administrators in numerous school settings throughout Ohio. Integration activities bring high-quality arts learning (including arts pedagogies) to teachers of content areas across the curriculum.

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    For Everyone

    Free Public Events

    GSVA Artist Talk Series, The GSVA Club for teens and Eddie Wolfe Gallery are a few of the many free offerings GSVA has available to the public.

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    Donate To GSVA

    Please consider supporting the work of GSVA. Your support helps us bring this unique arts education to schools, students, and children who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

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    GSVA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization collaborating with top artists and designers to bring breakthrough creative education experiences to Central Ohio.