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Bringing breakthrough creative education experiences to Central Ohio through after school classes, in-school programs, and workshops for families and adults.


One From The HeartThe Granville Studio of Visual Arts asks you to donate to the One From the Heart campaign today! Your donation helps connect kids and teens to new creative and exciting art making experiences. When you donate to GSVA you are making creative arts programs available to kids and teens local to Granville, Newark, Reynoldsburg, Columbus, and beyond. GSVA is dedicated to offering programs that cultivate creative courage and help kids discover who they are as life-long learners. Your donation makes it possible for GSVA to offer more mural programs, art classes, and scholarships. Celebrate the month of February by building minds and changing lives; donate today!

 Pictures of One From the Heart events

This year kicks off the 2nd year of working with The YES Club in Downtown Newark in mandatory STEM programs. We will be exploring an in-depth and interactive introduction to the STEM/Mural project theme of the importance of bees and the role they play in our food systems. Students will learn about bees native to our area and what function they serve locally, nationally, and globally. Bees affect our food systems drastically, the problem being that, the bee population is rapidly declining. Students will explore these systems, create effective solutions, and most importantly, decide how to bring awareness to their surrounding communities. 2 of these meetings will be lead by a guest lecturer, Mike Albaugh, president of the East Central Ohio Beekeepers Association.

LCF LogoThe mural will be a gateway to bring awareness into the community. Murals are large-scale, usually permanent, pieces of artwork that are not only meant to beautify and enhance a community, but to bring awareness of meaningful and important topics that unify the community. Students will design and implement a large-scale mural that will be part of their building in downtown Newark.


There will be a mural unveiling for the community that the participating students will host; a celebration of being active members in their own community as both artists and environmental activists. Updates to come!

 Art of Giving

The 3rd annual Art of Giving family workshops were held on December 20th and 21st at the GSVA studio. All ages and families were welcomed to make art to give--this year, to a Hospice of Central Ohio facility. The workshops were donation based, to help fund materials. During the workshops, participants learned about the positive effect of art on the healing process, and the emotional impact of color, ways to use color and form to create calming and inspirational paintings. This year, Susanna Snyder helped guide participants with her art therapy background.

The workshop is all about giving and how we can use art as therapy to bring peace, serenity, and comfort to others. Thank you to everyone who offered their time and creativity. Updates of installed artwork to come!

 Art of Giving

Fall Student ExhebitionThe 2013 fall exhibition will remain on view until March 7th at the Eddie Wolfe Gallery in the GSVA studio! Artworks ranging from pre-school to highschool, including portaits, a whimsical paper installation,photography, and digital art.

Please be sure to attend our next gallery exhibition opening, free and opento the public, Sunday, March 23rd from 2-4 pm. Light refreshments provided! (Photo attached.)



Kairos visits GSVA

GSVA had the privilege of hosting 12 teens from Kairos school for their completion of Journey 1: Art of the Self Portrait in one week. Led by Jenn Pentecost and Paul Hamilton, the students learned how to create art with paint, charcoal, and plaster. Said one girl, “I never knew I liked art this much until I came to GSVA.” Lots of good times were had with this group; a good vibe from start to finish, the Kairos kids demonstrate the power of the arts and how they can transform a life; and for one week, these kids got to experiment, listen to music, and talk with each other about what makes them unique and special. The students will have their artwork on display at OSU Newark branch in the next few months, stay tuned!


Waggoner Road Middle School Fall Exhibition

This small group of middle school students in Reynoldsburg, Ohio finally got to display the fruits of their labor created throughout the 10-week Journey 1: The Art of the Self Portrait course with a stunning exhibition space located on stage in the school auditorium. Many family and friends are in attendance so students can share their artmaking experience and stories. The show lasts for hours, full of food, fun, and plenty of conversations. Many young artists answered questions about their process, and many others set back and watched as eager viewers looked over their fine creations. With music provided by student artists, the night rolls on; a great success for these kids and all in attendance.



GSVA Inventor’s Workshop is a Success

“Try and try again,” the motto of a GSVA original project to build a Rube Goldberg machine in the art studio. Six students and three instructors used pullies, tubes, ramps, and rope to create a chain reaction machine. As a half day workshop, the students ate lunch in the studio, and even got to spend some time outside enjoying the sunshine. Parents flocked in attendance to see the machine work; although a 100% success occurred just before the parents’ arrival. We did post the success on our YouTube channel, GSVAart, so check it out and keep looking out for seasonal workshops at GSVA!


Donate to Granville Studio of Visual Arts The Big Give Update!

Thank you for donating to Granville Studio of Visual Arts through The Big Give campaign. We raised a total of $62,099. Your generous donation along with other community donors raised $13,750. Current GSVA board members and GSVA directors donated an additional $41,250 and $7,099 were matched by The Columbus Foundation.

GSVA intends to allocate your donation on the Journey program teaching expenses, studio expenses and the Journey scholarships that support local pediatric cancer survivors, foster children, orphans and at-risk youth. These children and teenagers will truly benefit from their creative and healing experience at GSVA.

We are grateful for your support and sincerely hope you will continue to support GSVA’s creative education programs and scholarship students in the future.


 What is The Big Give?

Powered by The Columbus Foundation's Power Philanthropy, an online giving event, The Big Give was created to give Granville Studio of Visual Arts and other nonprofit organizations an economic boost to strengthen and improve our communities. The Big Give is a 24-hour event of giving.  During the 24-hour period,

You can make a donation to GSVA and The Columbus Foundation will match it! This is your opportunity to amplify your donation to GSVA, Granville Studio of Visual Arts. 

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